Wellness means a working environment where an employee is content and contributes significantly more to the success and development of his organization.

We believe that the sessions and seminars we conduct, contribute significantly towards achieving this corporate wellness.

These programs keep the employee morale high, which in turn leads to increased productivity and efficiency. Moreover, employee satisfaction means low attrition rates and saves the company a whole lot of money in the long run. 

At Endzone, we refer to wellness as a state of complete peace that is when both the mind and body are relaxed.

There are five main components of our corporate wellness program

1. Meditation                        : Healthy thinking

2. Yoga                                     : Healthy breathing

3. Nutrition                             : Healthy eating

4. Complete Fitness               : Healthy living

5. Self Defense                        : Healthy feeling

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Our experience

Over the past few years, we’ve conducted several corporate workshops & sessions for self-defense, Kickboxing, fitness, nutrition & yoga.

We also work with iGlobal Wellness, one of the World’s leading wellness companies. We are their Delhi partners and have conducted several fitness workshops on their behalf since 2010.

If you're interested in conducting any of the activities mentioned here at your organization, give us a call on 9311-668-859/ 9015-524-564 or email us on, and we will make it happen


Corporate Workshop Rate Card

 Activity Group Size < 25 Group Size > 25

Aerobics Rs, 8,000 Rs. 12,000
Karate / Taekwondo Rs, 5,000 Rs. 7,500
Kickboxing Rs, 8,000Rs. 12,000
Meditation Rs, 8,000Rs. 12,000
Meditation - advanced Rs, 15,000Rs. 25,000
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Rs, 15,000Rs. 25,000
Self-Defense Rs, 18,000Rs. 25,000
Tai Chi Rs, 10,000Rs. 15,000
Fitness Training Rs. 10,000 Rs. 15,000
X - Circuit (Circuit Training) Rs,10,000Rs. 15,000
Yoga Rs, 6,000Rs. 10,000


*We offer discounts in case multiple workshops are conducted

*In case of out-station workshops (outside Delhi-NCR), all additional charges will be borne by the client

Previous Clients

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