Whether you’re looking to enroll your child for a martial arts class or trying to fulfill your childhood ambition of becoming a black belt, Karate is what you should choose.

Karate for children

Opportunities for karate practitioners
  • Students are regularly taken for belt tests, and keep moving up the grade based on their progress.
  • Students are also taken for regular competitions and deserving students can go on to represent the state or even their country in the future.

Our students

Numerous students who’ve been trained under our trainers have gone out to represent and earn medals at the national as well as international level.

Benefits of enrolling your child in a karate class

  • It challenges the brain and requires constant mental alertness
  • They learn about respect and discipline
  • Boosts their social skills
  • Regular source of physical activity

A lot of you out there might be apprehensive about enrolling your child for a martial art and might be wary about their safety. We can assure you that are our trainers are among the best and have extensive experience of working with kids of all ages. We understand the importance of encouraging the child, keeping them involved & interested in the activity whilst getting the best out of them.

Karate for adults

You’re never too old to start learning a martial art. Despite the popular perception, Karate isn’t only for children. Regardless of your age, size, fitness level or prior martial arts experience, you can start learning Karate at any time.

However, young children constitute the majority of most group classes. Thus, If you’re not comfortable exercising with children half your age, you can always opt for a personal trainer.

Learning a martial art is not only more different and exciting than regular gymming, it will teach you self-defense which has real world application. Practicing a martial art is one of the rare occasions where you can get fit whilst learning something new, which might help you in your daily life. It is for this very reason that a lot of women opt to go in for a martial art rather than join the gym.

What is Karate?

Karate is a martial art that involves attacks through evasive body movements and/or blocking, and counter attacks using kicks, punches and strikes. It can be practiced as a form of self-defense, a way of keeping healthy and as a sport.

Karate is arguably the most popular and widely practiced form of martial art in the world today.

Myth- Karate means prolonged violent fighting scenes where people are being maimed and killed as depicted in the action movies.

Fact - Karate is not about violence at all. It is about respect, confidence, control of oneself, and humility.

Benefits of Karate

Physical benefits

  • Increased Strength and stamina
  • Endurance
  • Improved balance
  • Greater flexibility
  • Improved overall fitness

Psychological benefits

  • Improved concentration and discipline for better work and study habits
  • Higher self-esteem
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Respect for oneself and others

Components of a Karate class

There are three main components that are taught in a Karate class -

  • Kihon - The practice and mastery of kihon is essential to all advanced training, and includes the practice of correct body form and breathing, while practicing basics such as stances, punches, kicks, blocks, and thrusts
  • Kata – In kata, a karate practitioner performs a series of punches and kicks in the air. The kata are executed as a specified series of approximately 20 to 70 moves, generally with stepping and turning, while attempting to maintain perfect form.
  • Kumite - Kumite is the part of karate in which you train against an adversary, using the techniques learnt from the kihon and kata.

How long does it take to become a black belt?

It generally takes about 3 and a half years to earn a Karate black belt. But a lot depends on how often & how well you practice. The time varies from person to person. Moreover, there is no use in earning a black belt without understanding the true concepts of Karate. No genuine martial arts training institute can ever guarantee a black belt. You have to earn it by dedication, practice & perseverance.

For info on Endzone’s group karate classes, check out our group classes

Endzone offers trainers practicing both the Shito Ryu & Shotokan style of Karate.

For Karate, we can provide trainers for

  • Personal sessions
  • Group classes
  • Community/ neighbourhood classes
  • Trainers for institutes
  • Trainers for school (during school hours)
  • Trainers for conducting summer camps

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